Monthly Archives: June 2010

When life hands you lemons…

What do you get when you give birth to four babies in three years?

The Fearsome Foursome.

The oldest is five but the four of them are already pretty tight. They generate creative energy that feeds off each other.

Case in point: I sent them outside to play in the backyard. While doing dishes, I did a visual check to see if everyone was okay. They had dragged their little red wagon to the back corner of the yard and were loading all of the fallen lemons from our lemon tree into it. I smiled to myself and thought, “How great that they’re finding things to keep themselves occupied!”

A few minutes later, I moved to the window to do another visual check. They had dragged the wagon to the opposite side of the yard, up against the fence. I did a double take. All four were doing their valiant best to chuck those lemons over the fence into the neighbor’s back yard. The reason I did a double take was because some of those rotting lemons were actually making it over the fence, which, if you think about it, is a pretty amazing feat when you’re three feet tall.

I ran outside to redirect their energies, and then spent the next ten minutes drying dishes and having visions of the four of them terrorizing the neighborhood together.