Getting Ready for Year #2

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been grateful that I can consider homeschooling a hobby. I’ve had no end of fun getting things in order for our upcoming school year to start. The plan is to teach Henry and Samuel in tandem, with separate math classes. We’ll be following the recommendations outlined in “The Well-Trained Mind.”

The only curve ball I’ve had to learn to hit is that of my darling daughters letting it be known that they want in on this school thing, too. I finally decided to NOT participate in the preschool co-op that I’ve had Henry and Samuel do, mostly so I don’t overextend myself. I really want to focus on consistency with the boys. Besides, there will be a few standing play date appointments every week and the girls will be in a weekly dance class so they’ll be getting all the preschool socialization they need. So I’ve spent some extra time getting their preschool year put together, including amassing busy bags filled with learning activities that can keep them busy on their own when I need to spend time with the boys.

Things are almost ready and I am so excited for our October 1st start date!

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