Homeschooling Survival Tool #3

I think that one of the most important keys to maintaining your sanity as a homeschooling mom is to have a third-party sounding board or two. I call it Tool #3 because I think the only two tools that are more important are to be absolutely committed to it yourself and to have your spouse on board and 100% supportive.

Meet my sounding boards:

These are my go-to girls on my left and right. C & C. They offer wisdom, experience, and a fresh perspective. All of which were needed last night. We hit Mimi’s Cafe for hot chocolate and apple crisp and batted ideas around and swapped curriculum helps and marveled that we are even doing this at all. But what I needed most from the evening (and found) was their ability to take me by the figurative shoulders, pull me back, and show me that things are waaaaaayyy better than they appear myopically.

I needed that. Thanks, girls.

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