Life as School

The pattern of our Mondays consists of an entire day of laundry and bread- and roll-baking.

Most of the time, I’m able to make it through the mound of clean laundry by bedtime.

Last week, it was Thursday and we still had clean laundry piled on a chair in the living room, surrounded by laundry baskets spilling jammies and socks on the floor.

I didn’t have it in me for our usual school routine. Chaos was reigning. Instead, it was time to teach the boys how to fold more than towels and washcloths.

We spent nearly two hours sorting clothes into boy and girl piles, sorting those piles into categories of clothing (shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, jammies, church clothes), and learning how to fold and put said articles away. Given the fact that we spent time last week in math working on sorting and categorizing, I didn’t feel one bit bad about calling “teaching my kids how to fold laundry” school for the day.

Who said you don’t use math skills in real life?

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