Personality Embedded in Schoolwork

I have always delighted in the reality that each of my children are individuals (even my identical twins). That said, it has been an absolute pleasure to see that individuality come through the boys’ schoolwork.

Henry is an oldest child. Thus, it was no problem for this oldest child to recognize the need for order, neatness, and–dare I say it–perfection in his workbooks. Here are Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Samuel, on the other hand, is combination engineer/artist. He is constantly drawing and creating. Thus, it was no surprise to see all of the doodling and embellishing take form while he’d wait for me to help him with something in his workbook. Here are some of my favorites:

(The giant climbing up the hill)

(The man so freakishly happy that he needed arms to express just how happy he was)

Evidence that Mom was taking too long explaining something to Henry.

(My favorite, the robber who needed legs to be able to get away with the cash)

In his defense, Sam is developing some nice handwriting and can make it through a page without doodles, if need be.












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