Spanish Progress

We completed the Yellow Level of our Hooked on Spanish program this week. That means that we’ll likely be done with the Red Level before Christmas!


Then what?

I wasn’t really expecting full fluency at the end of 24 Spanish lessons. But I also wasn’t expecting to fly through said 24 lessons as quickly as we have. Note to self: start researching other Spanish curricula.

What have we accomplished in 12 lessons?

We’ve learned “Hello” and “Good-bye,” can count to ten, learned our colors and shapes, and know how to say how old we are.

I guess the best measure of retention is illustrated by the fact that the kids only shout “Adios, adios!” as Daddy leaves for work. Or that Henry will start counting something and self-correct and start over in Spanish. Or that they still ask Daddy what the Spanish Word of the Day is. So it’s all good.

I’m actually looking forward to the things we’ll learn in the Red Level. Then maybe we’ll have to move to a Spanish-speaking country and immerse ourselves in language there.

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