The Best-loved Bear

“Corduroy” by Don Freeman is one of those childhood classics that I couldn’t wait to share with my kids. I love that they’ve found it as enchanting as I remember it being. So it was no great surprise when all four kiddos wanted in on this art project. (Storybook Art, page 19)

Given that they all started with the same template, I thoroughly enjoyed watching each of them create their own Corduroys, pouring their personalities into each of their creations.

I started by giving them a piece of cardstock (color of their choice, of course) and told them to draw any design they wanted as a background. Then we divvied up the bears I’d created the night before: two cardboard with construction paper overalls and two bears cut from corduroy fabric with fabric overalls. The craft box came out of the cupboard and eyes and buttons found their way onto the papers. They all thought Elmer’s Glue was the greatest. And they were all quite proud of their artistic efforts and all four renderings are on display in our Hall of Fame.

Here’s Kate’s. I love how she felt it necessary to add more “background” right on top of her bear. Also love how Corduroy has one button on his overalls (as per the story) but how he ended up with pierced ears and toe rings, too.

Sam’s. Love how he used a button for the nose but drew in the eyes with marker.

Becca’s. Easily the most fascinated with glue and buttons. But I also love her deliberate markings for the background.

I thought Henry was doing a great job BEFORE he added button arches for the eyebrows. But I understand that eyebrows add character.

This was a really fun project!

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